23) February round-up, March goals

February isn't quite over yet, but I thought I'd start the roundup anyway.  I'm just in that sort of mood!  It's been a changeable kind of day, with spells of blue sky, sunshine and mild, spring-like air, but now the sun is fading and it's tipping down with rain.  A grey and reflective kind of moment.

So, how did I do against my February goals?

1) Keep up the momentum for Yarnscape/Textiles In Focus.
Yes!  TIF was last weekend, and I had a *wonderful* time.  Re-entry back into the day job has been hard.  Very hard.

2) *Finish my Moor sweater!
So close.  **So** close.  So close, in fact, that it might yet happen before the end of the month, and it's not really worth including as a March goal.  I have steeked it, and knit the first armhole band, so there's just one more armhole, the neck band, stitching down the facings and a good blocking to go.  Hmm.  Maybe not the end of the month, then.

3) *Make significant progress on the maze scarf
No.  Not one pick, not at all.  Depressingly, that's exactly what I wrote last month.

4) *Ply up the Sweet Georgia Shetland
Yes!  I have 650 metres of two-ply laceweight yarn, wpi yet to be determined.  It's probably some of the finest and most consistent spinning I've done to dat, and I'm pleased.


5) Sample fleece for a 'sleeves in your pi' cardigan (Rav link).

In progress.  I'm playing with sampling some Manx Loaghtan fleece I was gifted last year, in the grease:


  I've managed to get a rather lumpy three ply of the right weight, but I'm not sure if it's the sort of yarn I really want to be spinning, or if I enjoy the process, so still ongoing.

6) *Plan my veg garden for the year;
Yes!  As ever, I'm probably over-optimistic, but seeds have been surveyed and top-ups ordered.  We're very close to planting time again now, albeit only the indoors bit.

7) Start cultivating my Pilates habit again
Not 100% success with this; I think I've managed six practises in the month, or 1.5 per week.  There's time to fit in a couple more, which would boost the weekly average to 2, but that seems like cheating somehow.  More to do here.

Okay!  So, I have three solid 'yes' votes, out of seven, and a couple of 'partials'.  Again, this list has kept me moving forwards on a range of projects, rather than letting everything else stagnate in favour of only one tight focus.  Also again, I've vastly over-estimated what I can actually achieve in a month.  So, what's
coming up for March??

  1. Launch an online shop for Yarnscape.
  2. Finish J's quilt.  I made the top for him almost two years ago, and he's been bugging me and bugging me about it this winter.
  3. **Make significant progress on the maze scarf;
  4. Experiment with knitting socks on my knitting machine.
  5. EITHER: make significant progress on the spinning for the 'sleeves in your pi' cardigan (Rav link),
    OR: decide I don't want to do this project, and pick/start another.
  6. Get the veg beds organised and fed/mulched as needed.
  7. Continue cultivating my exercise habit.  This time round, this includes running, walking and yoga as well as Pilates.  I'd like to be exercising 4-5 days per week, including longer dog walks.

There's also some brewing that needs attention, etc. etc.  It's no wonder I don't ever seem to make progress against the eternal list of projects; it takes me so long to do anything!!


  • I think you did better with your goals for February than January. That should be encouraging. A goal list is certainly helpful, isn’t it.

    27th February 2010
  • It sounds as though you have a bit of everything on there – so good luck with it all! (hmm we need to try and make a high raised bed so that small paws don’t dig up stuff – closely followed by small jaws nomming!)

    1st March 2010

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