28) Does craft matter to you?

If so, do go here and state your opinions.  You've got a maximum of 600 characters (so Twitter aficionados won't know what to do with the extra 460, but will have great skills for filling it anyway).  This survey is being run by a UK-based organisation, BUT you can participate from anywhere in the world.  Let's see this thing go viral!  😀

Craft matters because in an increasingly homogenised, virtualised, automated society, it provides us with an opportunity to individualise, to connect with the real, to slow down. There are few experiences more satisfying than producing something both beautiful and useful with your own hands, or learning and honing a new skill. On our crowded earth, we must learn to relish what we have, not clamour for more. Traditional crafts can teach us that a well-crafted item, cherished for years, is preferable to cheap, disposable, mass-produced plastic. So, can craft help save our sanity and our planet?

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  • Well put! 600 words is manageable. The Twitter limit takes some getting used to. But then so does Twitter. I do it but still haven’t figured out the point!

    29th March 2010

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