97) Re-entry – and happy solstice!

England is frozen solid again, for the longest night of the year.

Our kitchen is all fitted and finished, with a minimum of fuss, but the fridges are still living in the dining room whilst we wait for the paint on the skirting boards to dry.

I have finished the simple socks, and have started weaving a scarf for one of my brothers (for Christmas, ahem).

But I haven’t taken any photos of them.  Nor have I photographed the finished Peacock Feathers shawl.

I have been unable to resist taking photos of snow-and-frost pictures, though.  I can’t get enough of the muted colours, or the incredible detail shown up by the crystalline outlines.

(Probably not much good for catching dinner any more, but damn pretty).

Stay warm, celebrate the turning of the year, and have a wonderful Christmas.  Regular posts will, I hope, resume shortly.


  • Cobwebs + frost are just stunning, aren’t they? It’s a shame for the poor old spiders… but they have probably moved into your snug warm kitchen for the duration anyway 🙂

    22nd December 2010
  • Those frozen spider webs are amazing! I’ve seen them dew covered – but never frozen. Thanks for sharing!

    22nd December 2010
  • elizaduckie

    Gorgeous pictures! Hopped over from Ravelry to look at your blog looking for RH weaving and found these unexpected delights. Stay warm! 😀

    22nd December 2010
  • Love the photos! The spiderwebs are especially amazing.

    24th December 2010

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