96) Welcome to my kitchen!

We are currently having our kitchen refitted.  J and I spent last Sunday packing all the pots, pans, tins and dry goods into boxes, which are now living in the garage.  (The boxes normally hold yarn.  My yarn is currently living in black bin bags, in my studio.)  Oh, and moving the two fridges, the washer/dryer and the dishwasher out of the kitchen and into temporary homes.

Tear-out started Monday; I didn’t take any ‘before’ pictures, though I think J did, but on Monday evening, it all looked like this:

The ceiling is down because we need a new, non-saggy one installed; we won’t be living with exposed beams in this house!  That yellow colour is the paint we’ve had on our kitchen walls since we moved in; the strange, plaster-brown colour between the yellow areas and the white shadows of the original units is the original wallpaper.  It’s very odd stuff; marbled beige:

Especially when you consider that this was the original colour of the floor:

Baby-poop brown, anyone?  What an appealing kitchen!  Oh – those two buckets?  In this shot, they are supporting/protecting that copper pipe which is running past them.  That is a gas pipe.  Nearly three metres of it, and completely unsupported.  (Hint: not safe).

As of today, Saturday, the new ceiling is in (complete with lights), the re-wiring has been done, the gas pipe is re-routed and safe, and the new floor is in:

Diagonals!!  I’m hoping that this gives the kitchen, which is otherwise small, and quite plain, a bit of zip and zing.  There’s a risk it’s going to be overwhelming, but, like a feature carpet in a small hallway, I’m hoping it’ll work.

Ahh, yes.  The re-wiring.  Building regulations change so often round here that it seems quite normal for the original electrics to be ‘illegal’ when you come to redecorate.  Sometimes, you’re allowed to leave them as they are, sometimes not.   There is now a law that says that electrical sockets can’t be within a certain distance of a sink – fair enough, but this is quite a long distance, and this is not a large kitchen.  So a fair few sockets have had to move, and we are waiting for the plaster to dry so we can paint.  It’s the thick bits of plaster we’re still waiting for; the bits, in fact, that fill in the old sockets.

It seems obvious to me that paint should go on before the new units go in (and, ideally, before the new floor goes down, but hey ho).  Kitchen fitters in general seem to think that this is a bit crazy, and I’m starting to realise that this is because they would have to down tools and wait for the plaster to dry, then the paint, before continuing.  Which, if you’re trying to fit a maximum number of jobs into a minimum amount of time, is clearly not user friendly.  On the other hand: I’m still right.  Paint first is *clearly* better.

J and I are hoping to do most of the painting this weekend.  Wish us luck.


  • Exciting!! We had our kitchen rebuilt 6 years ago and it is the best thing ever – but I bet our sockets are now illegal 😉

    11th December 2010
  • It looks like it is going well so far, how long before it is all done and dusted?

    13th December 2010
  • I’ve been through a couple of kitchen remodels. Scary stuff.
    I hope everything stays on schedule!
    Love the floor.

    15th December 2010

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