94) Hoarfrost

As I was driving home from work last night, a fog descended.  It was already bitterly cold.  Perfect ingredients for hoar frost!

And the world was still iced to perfection by the time I was driving in to the office today, just after noon.  I adore hoarfrost, and I’ve never seen so much of it in this part of the UK before.  It creates an effect that is even more picture-perfect-Christmas-card than snowfall.  Each branch, twig, leaf, cobweb is traced in clusters of needle-fine ice crystals, so that hedges sparkle and trees look like giant candyfloss clouds, reaching towards the sky.

I often wish my windscreen was a giant CCD, so I could capture the view as I drive, and never more so than today.  I drove to work in a state of awe and amazement, my mouth hanging open, wishing I could linger on the A14 (which was uncharacteristically free-flowing) to dwell on the incredible, transient beauty of the winter landscape.

All I managed to snap, though, were these few images – taken of the shrubbery in the work car park.

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  • I’m always astounded at how beautiful ice can be. Hoar frost is so lacy and fragile. And the sun sparkling off the layers of ice left behind on trees by freezing rain can take my breath away.

    9th December 2010

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