41) Knitting update: Moor and Nightingale Wing, plus -a new project?

Today's plan was to tell you about the ultra-slow-progress stole I've been knitting since (errrm) Christmas.  It seemed like a long time since the last actual knitting update, so I went to check.  And realised that I haven't actually blogged about finishing Moor.

Good grief, I am the laxest of bloggers.

So, when we last saw Moor, I was snipping open the steeks.  That was in mid-February.

According to Ravelry, it took me another two months to knit the bands and sew down the facings.  But, really, it was all worth it:



I am very, very proud of this vest; it looks and feels awesome, 'not hand-knit at all' as one well-meaning friend said.  (I know what you mean, don't worry).

In the meantime, I started a new lace project.  Actually, I started this ages ago, back in December because Moor wasn't at the sort of stage where I could work in it in company, and I needed some Christmas knitting.  After about six months, Nightingale Wing is about one third complete:


Like so many of Anne Hanson's designs, this is simple, elegant, beautiful.  Please excuse my hasty 'spread out on a towel' shot; we all know lace doesn't look it's best without a proper blocking, don't we?

This pattern is lace every row, but even so, it really shouldn't be taking this long.  I think I've averaged less than one row per day – purely because I'm just not taking the time to knit.  For some reason, I've gotten it into my head that if I'm spinning, weaving or sewing, I'm being 'productive', but if I knit, I'm being 'lazy'.  Clearly, we need to break this association.

So, for the time being, Nightingale Wing is going into hibernation.  I'm accepting the slightly-crazy challenge just thrown down by Twist Collective.

I'm going to attempt to knit a sweater in two weeks.  The pattern?  Basil (Ravelry link), by Kim Hargreaves, in the Rowan Summer Tweed collection.  The yarn?  Summer Tweed, overdyed by yours truly this past weekend.

Larger gauge, simple stockinette.  A yarn I've worked with before.  A knock-out simple design.  Think I can do it?


  • You can knit a sweater in 2 weeks, if you put your mind to it! As you’ve noticed, and I am constantly relearning, if you work on it, it gets done, and if you don’t, it doesn’t! Simple, yet apparently hard for me to grasp… Go for it!

    9th June 2010
  • And more fantastic finished goodness. I’m not sure I’d say it doesn’t look hand-knit, but it certainly doesn’t look home-made, for the pejorative meaning of home-made! Hand knit by a pro, in other words 🙂

    9th June 2010
  • Oh my! You certainly should be very proud, the vest is stunning, gorgeous combination of colours and very flattering.

    9th June 2010
  • Alison, it’s smashing! You absolutely should be both pleased with it and proud. I love vests, but it takes me about a year to complete anything like that. 🙂

    9th June 2010
  • Yay! I’m taking up the 2 week sweater challenge too. Good luck to you, and everyone knitting like crazy until the 22nd!

    9th June 2010
  • (Hmm…yesterday’s comment doesn’t seem to have gone though)
    Me and my big mouth: I’m so pleased you knew what I meant! “Looks professional” is what I was aiming for. Mr. G. hasn’t stopped raving about how amazing it looks. I’m here to say that it looks even more fabulous in person, and really suits you.
    Love the lace, too.

    10th June 2010
  • ooooooh…..Looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10th June 2010

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