91) Too cold for sourdough: December lists, November recap

November started unseasonably warm; what a difference a month makes!

The sourdough loaf I left to rise overnight basically didn’t.  I should have taken the hint when it took twice as long as usual to get bubbly after the second feeding, but I needed bread for lunch today, dammit, so I baked it off anyway. (Besides, it still tastes good).

The squat, dense little loaf I ended up with is a timely reminder that sourdough culture contains living organisms.  My kitchen is much, much colder than usual overnight, and they are going a lot slower.  I think that if I’d let it rise all day, it would have ended up relatively normal.  And let me tell you, it’s not the only living organism around here that’s been moving more slowly than normal over the last few days.

Nevertheless, November has been a strange, hectic blur of a month, but I seem to have achieved quite a lot of things off my list:

  1. Yarnscape: At least two shop updates – No.  None, again.
  2. Yarnscape: Get back to those dye pots! – Yes, but only briefly.  I need to re-organise the studio before I can make any real habits here.
  3. Yarnscape: write some basic accessories patterns – partial.  Cold snap should be published tomorrow, and I’m working on a simple sock pattern.
  4. Yarnscape: Pick hosting, and start work on the new site theatre. – YES!!  (you’re here, aren’t you?!)
  5. Finish the peacock shawlYes! But I really, really need to block it tonight (deadline: Saturday)
  6. Winterise the garden – partially.  I’ve cleared back a lot of the beds, and planted some onions, but I wanted to do a lot more – and now the ground is frozen.
  7. Spin up four more batts – easily surpassed!  I’ve lost count of how many I’ve spun, but I’ve filled three bobbins with singles, and have plied off two skeins.

Three and three halves out of seven – good!  But I notice a pattern.  I want –really want– to be dyeing and selling yarn; dyeing, blending and selling fibre.  But it’s not happening.  Why??

Am I scared I’ll fail?  Am I falling back into my old ‘delayed gratification’ patterns, where I put off all the things I really want to do in favour of other, more mundane occupations?  Or is it as simple as the fact that I’m not making the space – physically or mentally – to do this work in?

So this month, I’m going to be trying something a bit different.  I’m taking shop updates off the list.  Instead, I’m going to address the things that I feel are getting in the way of doing the shop updates and of doing the dyeing.  If a shop update happens to happen – that’s a definite result!  If not, then at least I should be making it easier in the future.  So!

This month:

  1. Yarnscape: Set up the studio so it supports dyeing on a regular basis.
  2. Yarnscape: Get a functional and friendly photography station set up.
  3. Yarnscape: Finish the sock pattern, and start another.
  4. Yarnscape: Get the independent shop designed and (ideally) live.
  5. Weave a scarf for brother  #2, and finish the one for brother #1.
  6. Yarnscape: Continue adding functionality to this here blog (sidebars, search function, locally hosted images).
  7. Finish plying the current singles, and spin up three more batts.

Lots and lots of Yarnscape.  Yes!


  • I’m sorry the loaf didn’t work as well as you hoped (but as you said it can still be tasty if a little heavy!), well done on what you did achieve and good luck for the month of December.

    I have plans that aren’t happening!

    2nd December 2010
    • Is there a posted ptreatn for the cloth on the left in the default picture at the top of the page? Purple and white and it looks like a basket weave?Thank you!Cameron

      8th December 2012
  • Laura

    I think there is a certain amount of fear when tackling something new – I’m currently going through a phase of putting off beginning work on a large project and underneath it all it’s partly because I’m a wee bit frightened – that I’ll spend a whole lot of time (and money) on it and it won’t turn out the way I want, that people won’t like it well enough to buy it. But now that I’ve recorgnized that I know I’ll get over it. Soon. 🙂

    Good luck with your plans. New year coming up, time for new adventures!


    2nd December 2010
  • Well, Alison, I’m way behind on blog reading (too busy accomplishing 3.5 out of 7 things on my own to-do list 🙂

    Interesting self analysis. While I think we all suffer from fear of failure, I can really relate to what you said about delayed gratification. One of the things I’ve had to (and still do) work on is feeling guilty for doing things I love, even if they are technically work!

    Does scheduling time for each thing work for you? I’ve never made that work for me, but some folks have a lot of success with that approach.

    9th December 2010

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