90) Cold snap!

It seems everyone in the Northern hemisphere is having cold, cold weather right now.  In the UK, we have had record lows, and snow, snow, snow!!

Except where I live, in East Anglia.  It’s been cold, for sure, but barely any snow to speak of yet.  I love the snow, so I have tried to entice it here with a new hat:

This is the simplest of simple patterns.  Knit up in my own ‘Wiggle’ yarn, on 12mm needles, it’s also incredibly fast; I finished it in an afternoon of not-exactly-continuous knitting.

I’ll be writing the pattern up later this week and offering it as a free download.  And, with any luck, there’ll be a shop update, too!


  • Anne P

    I’m beginning to be convinced that the snow is all a fake. People are just showing photos from last winter – there is no snow apart from the light dusting we’ve had here.

    30th November 2010
  • No snow here, except for a tiny dusting, though the mild and temperate west coast of Canada got dumped on recently!
    My kids will *not* last through another winter with no snow, so I’m hoping for a moderate amount this year — enough to play in, not enough to be a chore to get around in!

    30th November 2010
  • We’ve had snow, but it’s currently raining and melting it all. And then freezing, so it’ll be maximally slippery.
    And it’s supposed to snow later on, on top of the ice.

    1st December 2010
  • Mum4d

    I love that hat!!
    And btw, I took the long scarf/shawl that you wove for me, into work last week (as an extra layer for cold moments), and I’ve had several very favourable comments about it. 🙂

    6th December 2010

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