Dye-a-day #3: This time, let’s have some yarn!

Bunnylace in ‘bramble vine’!  Bunnylace is a 2-ply heavy-lace-weight yarn, 80% wool and 20% angora.  It has a gorgeous, soft halo and feels unbelievably soft.  As a base yarn, it isn’t bright white, but has a slightly brown-grey hue; because of this and the angora content (I think), it takes dye more softly than other yarns, resulting in some really magical, ethereal effects.

This is one of my absolute favourite yarns to dye, and I have been longing to share it with you, but it is also unfortunately very difficult to photograph.  So here’s a swatch!

This is a solid colourway, ‘Granny Smith’, knit up in the Maple Leaf pattern from the shawl of the same name in ‘Victorian Lace Today’.  I love the definition of the stitches combined with the subtle halo – but oh, I wish I could blog in pet-o-vision!

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