50) June roundup, July goals

June has been a startlingly different month to May!

  1. **Yarnscape: work at photographing dyed yarn (step 1).
    Yes!  In fact, I’ve surpassed my expectations here, and Yarnscape is now live on Etsy!
  2. Overdye summer tweed yarn and cast on Basil (Ravelry

    Yes!  Madly, I started Basil with the intention of completing the knitting in two weeks – but gave up when it became clear I wasn’t going to manage it.  I’ve barely knit since.

  3. **Experiment with knitting socks on my knitting machine.
    Nope.  I think I might be ‘back-burnering’ this project for a while; it’s clearly not speaking to me right now.
  4. Finish plying the blue silk and pick out a new spinning project.
    Yes!  I’m incredibly pleased with the blue silk, and I’m looking forwards to casting on with it – as soon as I finish Basil.  As to my ‘other’ project, I’ve gone back to spindle-spinning some tussah silk for the scarf project.
  5. Keep up with the gardening!
    Yes!  The garden is entering that wonderful stage of the year where it’s green and productive.  Of course, it still needs lots and lots of work, but I haven’t gotten any further behind in the last month, which is great.

  6. *Plan and maybe warp my  handspun silk scarf project.
    I started – I did some calculations, and realised I was going to need a lot more weft than I have currently spun, and maybe some more warp.  So I’ve been spinning with that in mind.
  7. Train for my Race for Life event
    Frustratingly, no.  I’ve been banned from running by my osteopath (for now, at least), and so will not be running the RfL this Sunday.  I will, however, be walking it.  Whilst drop spindling.  If you fancy sponsoring me to benefit Cancer Research, there’s an online sponsorship form here.

4.5 out of seven!  That’s pretty awesome – and one of the goals I didn’t achieve (the running) was really out of my control.  It’s been a great month for me, with lots of progress on some important goals, and plenty of fun things, too.

This month, I am going to be pretty busy.  I’m attending a two day weaving workshop this weekend (which clashes with the dratted RfL), and I’m going to Knit Nation at the end of the month.  In addition, the Tour de France kicks off on Sunday – and that means Tour de Fleece, too! (another Rav link).  As ever, I need to
look after my health and energy, so I can’t be too aggressive with my goals.  With that in mind:

  1. Yarnscape: Continue listing yarns, and get some fibre up, too.
  2. Finish knitting Basil (Ravelry
    link), and cast of the blue silk Peacock Feathers shawl
  3. Tour de Fleece spinning (more details later).
  4. Finish the spindle-spun silks
  5. Keep up with the gardening!
  6. **Plan and maybe warp my  handspun silk scarf project.
  7. Re-start the Pilates practice (again).  Let’s go for five days a week.

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