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Well, we gave up on the most damaged wall and pulled it off entirely on Tuesday night. I think that was definitely the right decision to make; it needed some rewiring, it was cursed with lumpy wallpaper apparently applied using HugTight Sticky Glue (name that book…), and it had the worst tile holes of the lot. We were somewhat surprised to find no battens between the plasterboard and the breezeblock; just blobs of cementey-gluey stuff. This house is full of surprises, and I'm seriously reconsidering the plan to change the bathroom around.

The other walls are getting there, though. Most of the wallpaper is off, or at least subdued, and after comedy radiator pipe-ends not fitting on Tuesday, we got it removed last night. The pipes are still hanging down the walls; they will eventually be capped off near the ceiling, but that will require draining the system and making darn sure the end caps fit – without the help of any threaded parts. I decided that it would be far too much of a disaster if we got it wrong, and so it would be left for the fitter to do. But at least we can prep behind the radiator now – some of which will be visible in the new scheme of things…

Oh, and just to make things more interesting, J cut his hand quite nastily yesterday (actually looks far worse in real life than in the photo). DIY hero?? Nah, shopping casualty – packaging breakage on a 4-pack of 2 litre cola bottles. D'oh!

I was originally intending to go up to Middlesbrough tonight for Easter, straight after work. In the circumstances, however, I think I'll postpone till tomorrow morning. It'd be nice if I could go up knowing that there are at least 4 intact walls in my kitchen. When the fitter said there would be a 2 week gap between de-installing and installing the kitchens, I was quite disappointed; I thought that was way more time than I needed (even accounting for Easter weekend). I wasn't expecting the thing to put up quite this level of resistance, though.

Next step, once the walls are up: fill all large and medium 'dings', seal and undercoat. Further ding-filling requirements to be assessed once undercoat is on; experience suggests that once the wall is all one colour, it will be much easier to identify the bits that need more work.

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