On schedule! Boo-YAHH!!

Got primer on the walls last night. 2 people, 2 brushes, 1 evening. Does this make me worried about tonights goal of 2 coats of paint (with a 5 hour gap between them)? No, not at all, because:

  1. We don't have to sand, hoover or dust anything before we can start tonight
  2. Similarly, the floor is already all protected by plastic dustsheet
  3. Dulux Trade Primer can only be applied by brush cos it's all runny. This is slow. Dulux Kitchen and Bathroom paint, however, is much thicker and so can be applied with a roller (of which we have two, with matching, clean heads). This is much quicker
  4. I got into work at 8 this morning, which means I can go home at 4:30, and therefore actually start painting at 5pm. The observant will notice that this means the earliest I can start the second coat is 10pm
  5. There is always the option of finishing the second coat tomorrow morning before work
  6. I am now so far beyond tired that I have entered the sparkly, jittery world at the other end and have limitless amounts of physical energy and boundless optimism (but can't concentrate to save my life). I'd feel better about this if I didn't have a meeting with some kind of boss-man in a couple of hours.

Hmmm. The optimism may be dying; I just noticed that I have a meeting 4:00 till 5:00… Arse.

Many more photographs have been taken, by the way (but get progressively less interesting as the walls get neater) – I will link some of them to their rightful spots as soon as they have been uploaded.

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