Yellow! Yellow walls!

Two coats of paint went on last night, pretty much according to plan. And… the walls are looking good! Especially the wall formerly known as 'radiator wall'. This is the wall that will not be obscured (above worktop height) by units, so This Is Important.

However, I still hate the evil joint tape, and re-iterate my dislike for even slightly glossy paint on walls. Matt! Matt paint is what walls want! Soft, almost powdery looking matt paint that of zero specularity! Gentle, forgiving matt paint that hides all lumps, bumps and imperfections! Sadly, matt paint is a grease sponge and not very washable, thus is a bad choice for kitchens. There is a reason why "Kitchen and Bathroom" paint only comes in semi-gloss – it's non-absorbent and washable. Hmmmph.

The joint tape has sadly left a noticeable indentation in the joint filler that we have failed to Polyfill unto unobtrusiveness 🙁 I *think* and am fervently hoping that the joints will both be hidden by wall units – at least one will be, for certain sure. Both, I think. Hope. It's nothing that will show up on a photograph (which explains why all those 'one day makeover' DIY shows manage to make everything look spangly without 2 weeks of back-breaking prep work for the whole team), but frustrating after all the hard work that was put into it – and not even by me. 🙁

I was surprised by the sheer *yelllowness* of the walls this morning. I thought we'd picked a colour that was pretty white, but yellowish (rather than pinkish or brownish, which describes most 'magnolia' type colours). At any rate, I thought it was much less yellow than the units (which I didn't have time to check before I left for work this morning), in order to provide a contrast. There are two possible explanations:

  • The kitchen is going to be very, very yellow
  • I was wrong about the paint colour

Hmmm. I think I'd rather that the kitchen turned out hyper-yellow. Not, you understand, because I have a pathological objection to being wrong or anything (ahem), but because I'd rather have a contrast between the walls and the units than have it too blendy-inny. And yellow is a bright, happy, sunshiny colour anyway.

The other possibility, I suppose, is that it currently looks far yellower than it is, because it used to be pinkish/brownish/polyfillerish/plasterboardish and I haven't got used to it yet. Mmmmmaybe… 😉

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