What the who??!?

OK, walking is proving an interesting challenge today. This is because I spent almost *all* Saturday doing Scottish dancing (for the first time in nearly 10 years, I'd guess). Scottish dancing is very on-the-toes – your heels don't touch down much when you're moving, which is tough on the calves.

I have never, ever in my life prior to this weekend made my calves so sore with exercise that it takes two attempts to get out of bed because I can't actually stand up. Two mornings in a row. And I didn't even dance yesterday. I'm so glad I don't sleep on the top of a bunk bed any more. 😉

Now, it's fairly humbling to know that I *can* actually do this to myself – I prefer to exist in the state of happy delusionment that says I can take as much of any kind of dancing as you can throw at me, and bounce right back. Admittedly, I was extra-tired to start with this Saturday due to the recent hectic decorating schedule. And I don't have quite the calves of steel that I had when I was doing ballet n times a week, but even so… But the truly gobsmacking moment didn't come till I was trying to explain to my boss (who finds my chorus of "Ow! Ow! Ow!" every time I stand up truly hilarious) what I'd done to myself. His response?? "You have absolutely no respect for your body, you know."

Who, me?!?? I am almost the most body-respecty person I know! It has never occurred to me that making my calves (or other muscles) ridiculously stiff with unaccustomed exercise might be considered 'lack of respect for my body'. They're only stiff! Not torn or sprained or anything!! It's a normal after effect of exercise! I take such good care of my body I simply expect it to keep up with me, goshdarnit! Hmmmph. No respect, huh.

Anyway, clearly I need to dance *more* to keep myself in trim for this kind of thing. And thankyou *very* much, Ruth, for dragging me along. It was a great weekend, and lovely to see you!

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