55) Over doing it (July recap; August lists)

Overwhelmed, overcommitted, overstimulated, overloaded.  One of my themes for the year was to be, "keep up with the obligations I have taken on", and for the first time this year, I feel like I've been falling behind.  July has been totally and utterly crazy – in both good and bad ways – and I really cannot describe the relief I felt when I turned the calendar onto August and saw… nothing.

Not that I have nothing to do, of course, but it was so nice to see a clean slate; no weekends booked out, no events, no workshops, no courses.  And, looking back, it's no wonder.  In the last month, I have:

  • Attended a two-day workshop with Sara Lamb, to learn the basics of cut pile weaving;
  • Competed in the Race for Life, where, although I couldn't run, I did spin whilst walking;
  • Spun every day during the Tour de France (aka the 'Tour de Fleece');
  • Hosted J's Mum whilst she was visiting England;
  • Spent one and two half days at Knit Nation, including lugging my wheel to and across London by train and tube.

(That's part of the Wollmeise stall at Knit Nation.  They brought a metric tonne of yarn to the event; it absolutely glowed.)

This, on top of my usual full time job, plus dog-wrangling, gardening (it being the Busy Season) and the rest of daily life.  (No, not much housework; I'm catching up on that this weekend, with any luck).

Other things I wanted to achieve, such as dyeing more yarn, updating my shop and so on, as well as things I normally achieve, such as blogging, have taken a serious back seat.  And now, I find I'm avoiding blogging, because there is so much to catch up on.

Well, consider yourselves caught up.  ;)  I may, perhaps, get around to more detailed posts on some of these topics at some point, but if I don't, then fine – I'll just tell you about what I'm' doing right now.  So, onto the goals list:

June has been a startlingly different month to May!

  1. Yarnscape: Continue listing yarns, and get some fibre up, too.
    Nope.  I think I managed one update, and no fibre.  This weekend, though, I promise!
  2. Finish knitting Basil (Ravelry
    link), and cast of the blue silk Peacock Feathers shawl

    Sorta.  Basil is knitted and blocked, but not seamed.  I've also not cast on for the shawl because (darnit!) I can't find my pattern.  So I've ordered a replacement.

  3. Tour de Fleece spinning.
    Definitely!  I really must blog about this; it was so much fun, and I did achieve a lot.
  4. Finish the spindle-spun silks
    No.  I'm getting close, though.  All the warp and most of the weft is spun; should finish this month.
  5. Keep up with the gardening!
    Not bad.  The garden is not neglected, but I haven't kept up wiht the planting, either.

  6. **Plan and maybe warp my  handspun silk scarf project.
  7. Restart my Pilates practice again
    No, but I have been getting into good habits with my physio excercises for my hip.  And I ran again last Wednesday!  (But only a little bit, and with my osteopath's permission).  Generally, good stuff.

So, what?  Maybe four half-achievements?  Well, as I said, it's been a crazy month – let's see how I do in August! 

  1. Yarnscape: At least four shop updates
  2. Significant progress on the Peacock shawl
  3. Write up one design for give away or sale
  4. *Finish the spindle-spun silks
  5. Keep up with the gardening!
  6. Sew a Tudor costume (details to follow…)
  7. Keep up with the physio.  Add Pilates if possible.

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