One day, I will write some real news

However, until then, here's another meme, snagged from Ms Raitte. Google "[your name] needs" and list the best.

Alison needs…

1) Alison needs older men for her art
2) Alison needs to stay away from stress
3) Alison's needs can be easily met in "our 1/2 day Kindergarten program".
4) Uncle Alison needs YOU
5) Alison needs a friend right now

Otters need:

1) Otters need plenty of space
2) Sea Otters Need to Do It Again
3) Otters need a friend to help them cope
4) Otters need to be enjoyed not managed
5) Sea otters need to eat 20 to 25 percent of their body weight each day. That’s a lot of abalone!


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