Now, sulking is not like me. But today, I am stompy, grumpy, pouty and definitely sulky. My hands and arms hurt, and have done for 2 weeks. I've put the knitting away, very grudgingly. But the hurting is not stopping – it seems to be getting worse. And knitting makes it worse still (I know this because I attempted a whole 4 rows on a sleeve on Saturday. I put the knitting away again.)

I'm still knackered from being ill. This *sucks*. I'm definitely improving, but today I have had a major case of brain-fog, despite sleeping for 11 hours last night, and 12 the night before. I haven't been to the gym in months, and having painful wrists doesn't encourage me to cycle to work, either. Or lift weights.

And the house-buying has just *stalled*. Two and a half weeks ago, our buyer needed (understandably) to re-arrange his mortgage. I don't blame him; it sounds like he had a very good reason for doing so, but I wish he'd decided to do it more than two days before we were planning to exchange. He still hasn't had the new formal offer through. And he doesn't seem to be able to talk to anyone at the building society (who shall remain nameless, as I wish to avoid litigation) who can tell him what the status of his application actually is. I have a horrible, heavy dread in my stomach that they've lost it. But nevertheless, it seems they have enough record of it to have charged him for it (you have to pay to apply for buy-to-let mortgages), and to render his previous agreement null and void. So we are exactly where we were two and a half weeks ago, with increasing paranoia that the house we want to buy is going to be put back on the market.

So yeah, sulky. I don't like writing posts like this, but I thought I'd better at least write a post about why I'm not posting. It will, I am sure, improve.

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