62) Autumn beckons (July recap; August lists)

Well, it's the first of September, and it's been feeling autumnal around here for the last week or so.  I've been denying it, but it's true.  That's not to say it's particularly dreary; August was a pretty much literal washout around here, but the last few days have been bright and sunny.  But the air has *that* feel – the one that makes you think of apples and woodsmoke and frosts to come.  The dew on the grass the last two mornings has been spectacularly, breath-takingly beautiful, but my little camera has finally broken completely, so no pictures.

I love this time of year.  I think the changing seasons are my favourites: Spring and Autumn.  And whichever one we are in is my favourite right now.  It does make me homesick for the moors and coastline of North Yorkshire, though.  This is perfect walking weather, and, however hard I try, the Fens just don't compare.

So.  Last month's list:

  1. At least four shop updates – No.  One, I think.
  2. Significant progress on the Peacock shawl – No.  Haven't even cast on.  This is partly due to losing the pattern and having to wait for a replacement to arrive, and partly due to Project Tudor.  I did start and finish the Pretty Thing cowl in (my own, hand-dyed) silk, though.
  3. Write up one design for give away or sale – No…
  4. *Finish the spindle-spun silks – No…  These are getting very close to done, though.  It's mostly plying that's left now – which I might use as part of my Tudor demo.
  5. Keep up with the gardening! – Not really, though it's not completely neglected.
  6. Sew a Tudor costume – Not finished, but getting there.
  7. Keep up with the physio.  Add Pilates if possible. – Physio yes, Pilates not so much.  Last week, my osteopath said she didn't want to see me again until I'd seen my GP.  Despite doing all the right things, my hip isn't improving very much, and she thinks I may have a labral tear – which is difficult to diagnose, and may require an operation.  In good news, she's given me permission to start running again, even if it hurts 'moderately'.

Pants!!  It's pretty clear that Project Tudor has been taking up nearly all my time.  Yet again, I am reminded that however inspired I am, I will still only have the same 24 hours in every day, and a lot of those are already spoken for.  Unsurprisingly, September's list is going to look a lot like August's:

  1. *Yarnscape: At least four shop updates
  2. *Significant progress on the Peacock shawl
  3. *Write up one design for give away or sale
  4. **Finish the spindle-spun silks
  5. *Keep up with the gardening!
  6. Finish Project Tudor
  7. Hip permitting, get out and run twice a week.

In Tudor news, I did get the pleats sewn and half the skirt attached to the bodice last night.  Just before going to bed, I realised that, actually, the alignment was half a pleat out.  Which doesn't sound like a lot, but would actually have looked completely wonky in the finished garment.  So I slept on it (just in case I was wrong, or it would magically fix itself overnight), but I wasn't, and it didn't.  So I undid the half-done waist seam and redid it this morning.  An annoying, silly mistake, but it's only cost me an hour.  I can live with that.  Oh – and I've brought my lucet to work with me today, so I can make some cord for my coif and shift.

In Yarnscape news, I'm considering merging my Yarnscape blog with this one.  I think it will be possible to publish separate feeds for each, so anyone who isn't interested in shop updates and the like can ignore them, and anyone who isn't interested in quilts, dogs and my personal projects can subscribe to Yarnscape-only news.  I'd originally intended to keep them separate, because I hate (hate!!) it when a previously-enjoyable blog just turns into a pimp-my-Etsy vehicle.  Looking forwards, though, I think a lot of my personal projects will be using my own yarns, or I will be knitting my own designs which I might later offer through Yarnscape.  It will get increasingly difficult to decide what I should post here, and what there.  Additionally, I know that a lot of my Yarnscape followers also read this blog, so the separation is really a bit artificial.  And, as a final point, I actually find it really difficult to pimp my Etsy shop even on my shop blog, so perhaps I'm being a bit daft about the whole thing.

I'd be really interested in hearing what you think, though.  Would you find it off-putting if I included product announcements or shop update notices here?


  • I can feel the days moving toward the morning where we get up to frost on the ground and a flattened garden. Not looking forward to it, but not dreading it as much as I would have expected.
    Combining the blogs would simplify your life, and who could argue with that?

    1st September 2010
  • geeksdoitbetter

    oh! uh, i didn’t know you had an etsy shop
    erm, i do have “stores” filed separately from “real folks crafting”, tho

    1st September 2010
  • I would be fine with your Yarnscape stuff being intermingled – in fact it might even get people buying 🙂

    2nd September 2010
  • Ruth

    I don’t mind you merging them, I read both as it is, and i don’t do any knitting, spinning, sewing at all – I just enjoy reading what you’re up to old bean!!

    3rd September 2010

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