68) Grey weather days (September recap; October lists)

Reading last month's list, I feel amazed.  On one hand, I can't believe that I only wrote that list a month ago.  It seems like forever.   Yet, on the other hand, it's been half a month – almost three weeks! – since I blogged at all, and I can't believe it's been so long.  The latest lapse is due partly to my small camera breaking down on me, and partly due to the usual retreat I make at the end of an epic project – but I'm back now, with plenty to catch up on!

The chilly-but-bright weather we had at the start of September is mostly absent right now; yesterday was another clear, blue day, but mostly it's grey and wet – though not particularly cold.  Summer weather feels like a distant memory, and I'm starting to hunker down for the cooler days and longer nights.

This is a meditative time of year for me.  The end of October brings us Hallowe'en, of course, which is really only a rebranding of the Pagan festival of Samhain, marking the 'death' of the sun for the year.  For me, this marks the start of what I think of as the 'back quarter' of the year, the middle of which is marked by midwinter, and which ends on Beltaine Imbolc (oops) or Saint Brigit's day, when the spring really begins to quicken.  It's a time for reflecting, and for gestating the plans for the next year, particularly with regards to the garden and the outdoors.  I'm starting a little early, perhaps, because it's still only the very beginning of October, but I can feel that mindset starting to grow.

But without futher ado, last month's list!

  1. At least four shop updates – No.  My shop is shockingly neglected.
  2. *Significant progress on the Peacock shawl – Yes!  Unblogged as yet, but I'm working on this every day right now.
  3. *Write up one design for give away or sale – No…
  4. **Finish the spindle-spun silks – So…  close…  It's all down to the plying now. I have a couple of evenings worth of work, and then they'll be DONE.  I could look at warping the loom right away, since all that is left to ply are weft yarns…
  5. *Keep up with the gardening! – Somewhat.
  6. Finish Project Tudor – Yes!!  My big achievement of the last two months, for sure.
  7. Hip permitting, get out and run twice a week.  Nope.  I think I've averaged once per week – which is progress, so no real complaints.

Project Tudor really was the big time-suck for the beginning of the month, and then work got crazy, and I had a week off to spend with J's parents and my own, besides.  So I suppose it's not a bad list of achivements, all in all. In addition to the list items, I spun my first strick of flax!!

I'm having great difficulty pruning my October list down to seven items – I seem to have a sudden burst of enthusiasm/motivation – but since I've had problems completing more than two or three per month recently, it's probably a good exercise in prioritisation.  So, let's go with this little lot:

  1. Yarnscape: At least two shop updates (let's go for realistic, here)
  2. Yarnscape: Come up with a firm plan for my website
  3. Finish the Peacock shawl
  4. ***Finish plying the spindle-spun silks
  5. Do a garden recap, and plant the autumn/winter crops
  6. Ply the Sweet Georgia BFL/silk (mentioned at the bottom of this post).
  7. Seam coppertop/Basil (my 'summer sweater').

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