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We live in a four-bedroomed house.  There are two of us, and a dog (and two chinchillas).  That means that J and I get a room each for our own messes/storage etc.  Until recently, J worked from home, so really needed that space; on the other hand, I just needed somewhere to dump all my books, stash and tools – and, ideally, to actually do my hobbies.  My sewing machines live there.  And my knitting machine (and its ribber attachment, which is just as big as the main machine).  And a loom, too, now.  And Skinny Annie, my tailor’s dummy.    I have a desk in there, too.  Quite a lot of it is taken over with cardmaking supplies.  Then there’s all kinds of other stuff – like my flute and recorders, the paper for wrapping presents, the scales for weighing parcels….  Neither of my spinning wheels live there; there isn’t room.

So, it’s pretty crowded in there, then.  And disorganised.  I avoid working in there unless I have to, because you can barely turn around without falling over something.

To cut a long story at least a little bit shorter, I need to destash, organise and enjoy my room.  I want to be able to actually spin, weave and sew in there – though only one activity at once – it’s still only a small room!

So, I’m aiming to sort through one fabric box (or equivalent) every week, and actually *dispose* of what I decide not to keep.

Because with less stuff hanging around, I might be able to use the stuff I have.


View from the door – very welcoming!

The room is actually ‘L’ shaped, and is laid out roughly so:

In an ideal world, I would only have enough stash to fill the cupboard next to my desk, and the huge shelves could go.  I’ve got a long way to go before I reach that level of decluttered, though.

But I have already made one decision.  It is no longer to be called ‘my room’ – in any case, the word is deeply inappropriate in so many ways – it is ‘my studio’.  If I give it a more serious name, I might treat it more seriously.  And you don’t just store stuff in a studio; you work there, too.


  • Ah, I wish I had a studio! Or even a room… But mine would clutter up pretty fast, too, I bet. I hope you manage to sort and declutter! I wish I could *find* what I have, without searching through a lot of miscellaneous. sigh.

    30th March 2007
  • The Dragon

    Oooh I hope you manage to sort it out soon Ota – it will be fun to have everything to hand!

    2nd April 2007
  • I’ve been trying to do the same. I think it’s rediculous that depsite the large house that Mr India and I live in, we have so mych c*** that there is a constant battle to keep the place under control. Part of the problem is that all my stuff arrived 4 years ago when we married and I have been loathe to throw stuff out. Mr I is also a hoarder. Still, I am trying to go through a box every couple of days – it’ll take time, though, as I find that I sometimes need 2 – 3 passes before I can bring myself to actually part with most of it….

    12th April 2007

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