All skeined up and…

…ready to go!

Now, some overachievers may have finished the first clue of Mystery Stole 3, but me, I haven’t even cast on yet.  Mind you, I did have to spin the yarn beforehand…


Here we have 201 metres (219 yards, or about 25%) of heavy laceweight/light fingering weight 2-ply.  It’s actually come out slightly heavier than the sample yarn – 24wpi as opposed to 26wpi, 3100m/kg as opposed to 3,822m/kg).  That’s actually a fairly significant difference, but I’m OK with that – the yarn feels much nicer anyway!  Less stringy; somewhat softer, but still pretty tight spun.  I’ll probably up my needle size to 4mm to compensate for the size difference, though.


The one remaining choice is the bead colour.  The yarn is a soft ivory colour with a lot of lustre for wool (to be expected; it is a longwool blend) and I think the crystalline white beads on the far right are way too harsh.  I’m also not keen on the pinkish ones; the combination looks rather twee to me.  The champagne colour on the far left is a very good match to the yarn colour; it would provide a subtle extra shine.  BUT – I think I’m going to go for the gold.  Why not??  Not all white yarns will work with gold – but this isn’t really white, per se.  And if I’m going to go for beads, I definitely want them to be seen…

One more yarn close-up to leave you with…


  ..I should be winding up and starting later this evening.  Fingers crossed!


  • Oh wow, a shawl from your very own spun yarn, just how smug will you feel! It looks absolutely gorgeous and the gold beads will work really well, I am in awe and can’t wait to see the shawl.

    3rd July 2007
  • You’re quite right, it’s either the champagne ones or the gold and I think that with lace, the gold will show a lot better. I think that the champagne ones would probably look a little lost. I love the sheen on your yarn, so so pretty. x

    4th July 2007
  • Wow this is lovely spinning! I am still somewhat newish to spinning and have not mastered my consistency to spin lace weight yet. I think the gold beads will look lovely on the stole! I can’t wait to see progress pictures, so I’m going to book mark you and come back!

    4th July 2007
  • Gorgeous yarn! I like the champagne and the gold beads. I expect by now that you’ve knitted up clue 1, so should see how the beads are working out. Mine are very subtle (i.e. don’t show up much), but I’ve seen some that are contrasting and they look good too.

    4th July 2007
  • Nancy A

    Just wanted you to know that I am a fellow spinner and you have me drooling all over the keyboard and monitor with the pics of your wheel with that absolutely gorgeous yarn draped over it. And the one with the yarn in a lovely soft looking skein with the beads inserted is just TOO beautiful.
    I am not spinning for the MS3, and have promised myself to not spin (even on my brand new charkha) until I have finished clue 3. Guess I had better get back to it! Fiber Hugs, Nancy A

    18th July 2007

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