78) Shawl-based geekery, and the Maths of Completion

It's been a slow week for the Peacock Shawl; I'm on row 157.  Given that I was on row 147 last time I posted, that's around 2 rows per day.  Since the shawl now consists of 234 rows (plus crochet bind-off), I have 77 rows remaining – and only 38 days until the last Rampton meet of the year, when it is 'due'.

Well, 38 x 2 = 76, so we're good, right?

Maybe not.  For a start, that plan contains zero contingency, which is not a comfortable scenario for us planny types.  Then, there's the blocking and drying time.

But, most importantly, there's also that wretched increasing-row-size thing.  A row currently contains 314 stitches; by the time I finish, it'll be more like 470.  So, the rows are getting longer as we speak…

So I made a spreadsheet.

Well, what else are you gonna do?  It worked for my Dad's Fair Isle, right?


So, allowing 30 days to finish the knitting allows for a few days contingency, and a few days to cast off, and to get round to washing and blocking the thing.  Terrifyingly, I've worked out that there are 30,420 stitches remaining (not including the cast off), so I need to average 1,014 stitches per day to finish on time.

I haven't done too well on production knitting over the last year or two; what do think the odds are for this project?



  • You can do it! (You don’t need to spend time doing anything else, do you?) I hate those rows that get longer and longer! Start now with 4 rows a day??

    28th October 2010
  • Heres hoping!! I did manage over twice my daily quota last night, so who knows, I might make it yet!

    29th October 2010
  • I’m guessing now isn’t the time to say that I thought the Rampton shawl was due for 6 November.

    29th October 2010
  • That… would be bad.
    Who knows? It may be! I think we did the reveal in the November meet last year, because some folks didnt want to come to the December one. The year before, the project swap happened in December. Perhaps we should ask sarahw – shes at SOAR right now, so excuse me whilst I hop on over to Ravelry…

    29th October 2010
  • I see you’ve torn off column G – Actual Row. Good move. That could get demoralizing…
    Oops, I mean, YEAH! You can do it!!

    31st October 2010
  • LOL! There was actually no data in that row at the time of publishing – so in the not very interesting category, rather than the ashamed to admit it one. Well – Im three days in, and Im not behind yet!
    (P.S. the graph is the real motivator…)

    1st November 2010

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