Mystery stole 3: end of clue 3

Just a real quickie because I haven’t updated in ages: the mystery stole is progressing well!  I’m only one and a half clues behind the leader now – I’m 50 rows short of finishing clue 4, and clue 5 is the current one…  I’m unlikely to catch up this week – but maybe next.  I may even be among the first to finish!

Lookin’ good:


This shot was taken at the end of clue 3.  As always, click for a much, much larger version – where you can even see the beads!  I’ve been very lazy and not really stretched it out much for these shots; I’ll try and get a semi-respectable stretch on it (without actually wet blocking it) at the end of clue 4.

Very exciting things happen in clue 5; without giving the surprise away (in case anyone is holding themselves on tenterhooks), I can definitely say things take a turn for the unusual.


  • It’s gorgeous! I’m very impressed (and not just a little envious.)

    7th August 2007
  • The Dragon

    It is looking stunning Ota! When do I get to see the finished thing in person? 🙂

    8th August 2007
  • It’s very nice. Clue 4 is pretty boring, but at least the pattern seems intuitive. Clue 5 makes a refreshing change 🙂

    8th August 2007

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