The picot cuff (More details on the Pomatomus)

My first!  Unlike most of the instructions I’ve seen, this was worked on a toe-up sock.  A picot edge is created by folding over a section of knitting that has a row of eyelets running down the fold line.  The easiest way to create the eyelets is to do (YO, k2tog) for the whole row.

Most instructions for a picot cuff have you start with a provisional cast on.  Next, you knit the fold over section of the cuff (stockinette), then your eyelet row, then the rest of the cuff (stockinette).  Now you are ready to fold the cuff up!  You do this by knitting each stitch from your needles together with the corresponding stitch from the provisional cast on.  But I was knitting in the other direction.

Knitting toe-up, I put a lifeline in when I was ready to start the cuff.  I then knit the two stockinette portions and the eyelets.  Then the tricky part.  I picked up the stitches marked by the lifeline onto a spare needle, then grafted them together with the live stitches on the needles to finish.



It was a pain, but worth it!  The grafting took – literally – hours.  The cuff is very stretchy and looks very ‘finished’.  There is none of the tightness associated with a regular cast off at the cuff.  There are a couple of things I’d do differently next time, though:

  1. Knit the round marked with a lifeline with needles a size larger.  This will give room for two passes of yarn through the stitches, and make the grafting easier.
  2. Knit one less round on the second side of the cuff than on the first.  The second side of the cuff is the inner side, and the grafting round is a knit round in its own right.  If the inner cuff is longer than the outer, the picots tend to fall outwards.

Of course, I’ll have to do the second Pomatomus the same way as the first, but I’ll remember this for the future…


  • You are soooooo clever! The results are gorgeous!

    27th August 2007
  • The Dragon

    Well done you! Do I get to see this in person on the morrow? LOL

    28th August 2007

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