79) The monthly roundup

Just a quick one, this time round:

  1. Yarnscape: At least two shop updates – No.  None, again.
  2. Yarnscape: Come up with a firm plan for my website – Yes!  Though I'm still investigating hosting options.
  3. Finish the peacock shawlahem, no.
  4. ***Finish the spindle-spun silks – YESS!!  Finally.
  5. Do a garden recap, and plant the autumn/winter crops – The recap is done, and some of the garlic and onions are in.  More to go, though.
  6. Ply the Sweet Georgia BFL/silk Yes!!
  7. Seam coppertop/Basil (my 'summer sweater').  Nope.  I started, but then I sort of forgot about it.

Three and two halves out of seven – better than average, I suppose!

This month:

  1. *Yarnscape: At least two shop updates
  2. Yarnscape: Get back to those dye pots!
  3. Yarnscape: write some basic accessories patterns (scarf, hat, mitts etc). for my yarn.
  4. Yarnscape: Pick hosting, and start work on the new site theatre.
  5. *Finish the Peacock shawl
  6. Winterise the garden (planting and protection)
  7. Spin up four more batts for my Sandi sweater (bonus points if I get them plied).

The mathematicians statisticians out there will notice that four out of these seven goals are Yarnscape related.  I'm horribly, horribly aware that I've done nothing (or next to nothing) in this area for months and months and months.  And I want to.  So I hope – really hope – that there will be more exciting developments in this area soon.

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