Quite possibly the quickest project I’ve ever blogged about, and as you can see, I’m quite happy with the results!


In the end, I finished the necklace in the evening after my last post.  Including putting the bits away, it probably took even *less* than half an hour.  But then, I’ve been wrapping wire ends and fastening jump rings for years.  And years.

A better shot, with focus and details and everything:


See those three larger, pear shaped beads in the middle at the front?  Those are the only three beads like that in the whole necklace.  It is sheer happenstance that they grouped themselves together like that.  I’m pleased they did; they are some of my favourite beads in this piece, and I’m *very* glad they didn’t form a cluster sort of off-centre-round-the-side-ish.  That would have *sucked*.

Arty shot…



  • Serendipity is a lovely thing. Nice work!

    8th September 2007
  • Nice! You look happy, and it looks like it’s nice and warm there! Great colours!

    8th September 2007
  • Beautiful necklace, great pics!

    9th September 2007
  • The Dragon

    Very nice Ota! you should be justifiably pleased with the result on this one 🙂

    9th September 2007

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