MS3 is finally blocking!

The knitting on this beast has actually been finished for ages, but pinning something like this out to block takes forever – and I couldn’t decide whether to buy any blocking wires, and the studio was a mess (i.e. the floor was not available) and so on…  And frankly, I’ve fallen well and truly out of love with this project, which is a shame.  I think it’s the first real project knit with my handspun, and it’s certainly the first time I’ve spun yarn specifically for a certain project.

It’s the risk of the ‘mystery’ aspect, of course – and I knew what I was signing up for when I started (except, of course, I didn’t – that’s rather the point).  That is, I knew that I didn’t know, and that there was a chance I wouldn’t like the pattern when all was said and done.  And now it is finished – it’s certainly not one I would buy in a fit of bouncing enthusiasm, wishing everything else was finished right now so I could cast on.

Is it the asymmetry?  Possibly.  But then, I like both ends of the stole, and asymmetry doesn’t normally bother me too much (I’m noticeably asymmetrical myself).

Maybe it’s the join; I love the border of the first half of the stole, and it does seem, well, rather ungraceful to have it stop so abruptly for the wing to start.

But I finally sucked it up and did it – put away all the yarn boxes, hoovered (you wouldn’t want to block laceweight wool on the amount of mud that the pup had tracked across the carpet), found pins, measuring tape and a camera, gave the stole a bath and went for it.  I do apologise for photographing a cream stole on a cream carpet; I appreciate this is not the optimum arrangement for contrast, but, well, it’s the only carpet I had available.  I will try and plan my knitting more photo-congenially in the future.   However, I will say that there really *is* a lot more detail available in the larger versions (click for bigger..)

Before blocking:

18" wide

wing section 24" long:

‘other’ section 39" long:

After blocking:

21" wide, wing section 32" long:

‘Other’ section 49" long:

It most certainly doesn’t have ‘laying flat appeal’ – the blocking equivalent to ‘hanger appeal’.  There are clothes that can only be effectively sold if displayed modelled; on a hanger, they just don’t ‘work’ for a shopper’s eye.  I think the same applies to this thing, laid flat.  But some of the modelled shots I’ve seen have been stunning; I can only hope the same will happen here (and that I can persuade J to do an official photo-shoot once it’s dry).


  • good luck! I tried to get some modelled shots, but none came out. For some odd reason he chose to photograph me at an angle so both ends weren’t in view! The close ups weren’t great either.

    27th September 2007
  • Well, I think it looks pretty darn good even if it is lying flat at the moment!

    1st October 2007
  • I think it looks beautifully knitted (in handspun! Wow!), but I know what you mean about the design. I’ve looked at the finished, blocked versions and thought I’d prefer something more symmetrical, especially as the lace patterns vary.
    I’ll be at the K&SS on Thursday the 11th. I know at least a couple of other UK knitters from Ravelry will be there; we may make plans to meet properly somewhere… perhaps the Habu stall, as we’re all planning to get there before everyone else! Feel free to email me if you’d like to arrange something more concrete 🙂

    3rd October 2007

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