Mystery stole 3: modelled shots

Finally!  Modelled shots.

From the front, with ‘wing’ pinned across:

From the back, showing the ‘starting’ end:

Those who have experienced Ally Pally will no doubt recognise the background to these shots, and quite possibly the somewhat yarnshocked expression, too.  It was the end of a very long day (not counting all the travelling still to be done).

I’m delighted with the quality of the finished product, especially my spinning, and I had so many nice compliments on it at the show, I was quite blown away.  The ladies at the Wensleydale Sheep stand were especially appreiative, spotting longwools from quite a distance away (the wool is 50% wensleydale, 50% teeswater, so they were spot on).


  • Fabulous!! What a lovely result, and how lovely YOU look wearing it 🙂

    4th November 2007
  • It’s great! And what a job, spinning and knitting the shawl. I found it a struggle just keeping up with the knittig part!

    4th November 2007
  • YAY!!! It’s done & looks great! I can’t believe you spun your own yarn AND knit the shawl. Impressive!

    5th November 2007
  • Ruth

    Stunning. It looks really great. I was a little mystified by the original pics, but seeing it worn makes a huge difference.

    7th November 2007

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