Dropping balls

I’ve been dropping balls all over the place this last week: I owe parcels to several people, the blog is sadly neglected, and I haven’t even announced the winner of last Saturday’s giveaway yet!

I can plead nothing except my own over-optimistic scheduling tendencies, plus perhaps a little bit of seasonal fatigue: I love autumn and winter, I really do, but the slow mornings and the nights drawing in are tough on the energy levels.  Speaking of which, here’s a little something I read about this morning:

Emma at Silverpebble and Mrs ThriftyHousehold are running this series of tutorials and other great stuff to celebrate winter and all its wonders (Mrs TH is already a fan; Emma, less so).  I think I’ll be joining in, if I can.

Oh, and the winner of the club yarn?  Naomi!  Congrats, Naomi: I’ll be on to you for your address shortly.


  • Thanks for the comments on my blog Alison- we are indeed blog neighbours- drop me an email & we could meet up, have a cuppa & hatch some plans!

    27th October 2011
  • Anne

    Love the idea of ‘Making Winter’. I’m a big winter fan myself – beautiful frost patterns, brilliant blue skies, snow, thick slippers, snugly blankets, piles of cats, winter olympics … Would be even better if we could have all that and not be freezing cold! 🙂

    27th October 2011
  • Ack Winter, used to love it now it hates me 🙁 ah well a good excuse to stay in from of the wood fire and crochet!

    Ah and congratulations Naomi 🙂

    28th October 2011
  • Congratulations, Naomi! Wonderful prize!
    I don’t think any amount of positive thinking could make me like Winter. Especially Winter in Vermont…

    29th October 2011

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