OK, I’ve been totting up the stash.  I wanted to be able to present a grand overview picture of what yarn I have hidden away at the beginning of 2008.

It’s taken a while.

I’m pretty bored with spreadsheets now, and I’ve given up striving for 100% completeness, but I can tell you that I have:

  • 75.454 km, or 32.294 kg, of knitting yarn;
  • 17.010 km, or  1.940 kg of weaving yarn;
  • 84.552 km, or 10.765 kg of yarn for dyeing.

I’m particularly shocked by the dyeing stash; I haven’t actually even got round to mixing my stock solutions yet, so where the *heck* did all that come from?!?  The vast meterage compared to the weight is telling; most of it is laceweight and/or sock yarn.

So, there we have it.  I’ll do my *best* to update monthly on my stash reduction progress.

And yes, I’m aware that this doesn’t even mention spinning fibre or the three fleeces in the garage.

On the positive side, I can also tell you that at the beginning of 2007 I had 93.952km, or 44.453kg, of knitting yarn at the beginning of last year.  So I have achieved nearly a 20% reduction by length, or a 25% reduction by mass, in my knitting stash over the last year.

Not bad going!


  • I admire you for accomplishing some sort of log! Me, I’m going for the in – out this year, and will try to log the stash slowly throughout the year!

    13th January 2008
  • The Dragon

    Yippee on reducing the knitting stash but wowza on the dyeing stash!!, good luck getting this sorted out Ota (knit faster that should help LOL)

    14th January 2008
  • You know, I think maybe I’ll convert my spreadsheet to metrics–I am so much less familiar with that system that maybe my stash wouldn’t seem NEARLY as big in a less-familiar measuring system…..:)

    19th January 2008

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