Read this.

When a man can be targetted as a punch-bag and killed purely because he has a learning disability, and it barely makes a ripple in the country’s news, it sickens me.

I live in the UK, and the crowning horror of this story, for me, is
that I thought that HSB’s blog entry was talking about a *different* case. In the UK.
Where a man with learning disabilities was targetted, brutalised, and
ultimately killed by grown boys/young men. This, though, was 2006. The
details are vile – worse, in some ways, than Brent Martin, as the
attacks were pre-meditated and sustained over months, descending into torture. The details are
sickening, and here.  The story reporting on their jail term being cut is here.

I don’t know what else to say.


  • The Dragon

    I still can’t believe the sentence has been reduced. When they got rid of the death penalty life was supposed to mean life. It is getting to the stage where you kill someone and get two weeks community service!

    15th January 2008
  • These are horrifying to read. Where was the publicity, as Dave says? WHy did no one care enough to scream with rage?

    15th January 2008
  • It’s so sad to see in ANY country. Who are these people who can be so totally without feeling for anyone else???

    16th January 2008

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