86) Retreat into knitting

I've had a very lazy weekend.

Well, not really; I ran the regular 5k on Saturday, then followed it up by spending a few hours behind a friend's stall at the craft fair I thought I was going to be attending myself.  But after that, it was lazy all the way.

I regularly overwhelm myself with huge bursts of inspiration and enthusiasm, and almost always set myself up for failure by way of a huge list of lofty goals.  Case in point: I didn't manage to get a Saturday Giveaway post up this weekend.  [Thus falls my new 'tradition' (though I will be carrying on with it.  Just not this week).  Indeed, I haven't even mailed Robocass her parcel yet (sorry!) – though it will be heading out tomorrow.]

When the current giant plan proves itself unmaintainable, I almost always go into hermit-mode for a few days.  And so it was for Saturday evening, and pretty much all of Sunday.  No phone calls, no internet browsing, just quiet.  And, this time, knitting.

The upside is that I have passed several big milestones on my Peacock shawl!  I have now:

  • knit over 20,000 stitches since October 28, when I started this metrics-based madness;
  • moved onto the final chart in the pattern!
  • not only caught up with my goals, but overtaken them:

Yes.  I am now 2 days ahead of schedule.


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