WIP Wednesday

Yes – I said I’d make this a tradition back in April – and this is the second installment.  Consistently inconsistent, that’s me!

Anyway, I thought it would be good to do a quick overview of the projects I’m currently working on: not necessarily a full WIP roundup; just the ones that are actually getting some attention these days.  So:

My wheel project is currently the wool/alpaca batts I talked about preparing for the Tour de Fleece (here and here).  I’ve spun and plied five skeins so far, plus a bunch more singles:

I’ve stalled out a bit on this project, to tell you the truth.  Last year, the Tour de Fleece helped me establish a habit of spinning for 15 minutes in the morning: this year, it somehow broke it completely.  I think it’s because I’m spinning this long-draw, which is exhausting for the arm/shoulder.  Also, my Traveller has a left-mounted flyer (which is standard), but it would be more ergonomic for me if it were right-mounted.  I hold the fibre in my left hand, so I can’t draw across my body.  Anyway, I was finding spinning to be painful and tiring, which isnt’ great.  I’ll have to see what I can do to restart my mojo.

Knitting is going rather better, though. The first of my green lace socks (name still TBD) is done, apart from grafting the toes:

I’m really *very* pleased with the way this has turned out: my plan now is to write the pattern, then knit the second one using the pattern I’ve just written.  A sort of self-checking mechanism, if you will.

Which leaves only my Myrtle.  This is progressing well, too: I’m almost a whole ball in, and I’m ready to start the shaping on the first sleeve cap:

This is the second garment I’ve knit using moss stitch and Maya, and, just like before, I love the way the colour variations are broken and mixed further by the texture.  I will admit to feeling a little anxious that there will be too much difference in appearance between this and the stockinette portions, but I’ll just have to wait and see.  (Then again, the swatch doesn’t look too bad sitting next to the sleeve, so…)


  • Mum4d

    Sock name – Moss Lace, or Lace Moss? Moss magic?
    Seeing the colours of blus and green just reminds me of the way you can get so many different types of moss.

    17th August 2011
  • WIP Wednesday sounds like a great idea. Maybe I should do that – it might cut down on the sort of list I seem to have ended up with.

    Those socks are gorgeous!

    17th August 2011
  • Anne

    Love the socks – may have to learn to knit one day just to be able to make such nice socks! I suppose you CAN crochet socks too … am currently making some slippers but that’s easier as there’s a lot less shaping involved and you just but soles to put them on!!

    17th August 2011
  • The sock looks wonderful, as indeed does the Myrtle, and I think I am with Christine and I should start having WIP Wednesday as well!

    Sorry to hear that the spinning didn’t go so well though

    18th August 2011

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