Lots of sewing…

So, for several reasons, I'm not going to Woolfest.  In some ways I'm really, really disappointed; after all, I've been planning to go since Ally Pally last year, and planning to go with Scarlet for the last few months.

But in other ways, it's not so bad.  I *will* get to go to Coronation.  So clearly, I need new clothes…  Oh, dear.  Another event, another crazy deadline.  By Thursday evening, I hope to finish:

  •  one dress
  •  one shirt
  •  a headdress
  •  maybe some socks

Sounds do-able, right?


To be fair,  the shirt is 'together' and only needs the hem and neckline finishing, and the dress bodice is al least recognisable.  Here's a couple of quick pics of the dress bodice interlining.  It's stiffened – moderately – with packing twine, a la Jen Thompson.  It's somewhat more advanced now, though I haven't cut out the skirt yet…





  • The Dragon

    Eeep! you only have a week for this don’t you? Um good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24th June 2008
  • I’d say it’s coming along quite well. Did you account for sleep when you made your list??? 🙂

    24th June 2008

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