Silly deadlines: the state of play

Hmmm.. let's see.

Wearable.  Not finished, but wearable.


Needs the ends of the black edging darning in and, ideally, the pleats need to be sewn down.  The black edging is a roll hem from my overlocker.  I think I once vowed never to use my overlocker on a period costuming project.  Ahem.

Bodice is together.  Handsewing is taking place around the neckline. Front:


This bodice has side-back lacing.  It will still need lacing holes, along both edges of each of the two slanting openings in the next picture, but I can use my temporary strips for the next stage of fitting.  Back:


Skirt pattern is drafted, and I've found my lining material, but the skirt is not cut out.  I'll probably use Prym eyelets for the holes – another 'no-no' – but this dress is mostly experimental anyway (not to mention probably polyester – known as 'silk' on eBay…

I've found the lining!  I know what pattern I'm going to use, and I have all the fabric, but that's about it.  The fabric for the sleeves is lovely stuff – and really is silk.  Photo another day, though.


Possibly best not to ask..


Lost the yarn.  Hmm.

ETA: Typepad is playing silly buggers(TM) with the layout.  I am Too Damn Tired to fight it, and am going to bed.  Sorry.


  • typepad’s been a real pita as regards layout with photos. What I do now:
    1) used custom
    2) choose no wrap
    3) choose medium size (just because it looks ok)
    4) uncheck popup box (otherwise it’s enormous when clicked)
    that sorted out my layout. now the text and photos behave!

    24th June 2008
  • The Dragon

    Wow!! um did you sleep at all as you seem to have moved on apace with the stitching Ota!
    It all looks great though and I can’t wait to see them finished

    25th June 2008

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