On Saturday, I was inspired to go for a wander through my stash, and have a good cull of the stuff that is no longer inspiring to me, or is no longer an object of desire.  I now have an 80L box of stuff waiting for further destash action.

Let’s be clear, here: this is great yarn.  And fibre.  And fabric.  The dross was eliminated in some long-ago purge.  So I don’t want to give this stuff to charity or (shudder) just toss it, like I did with some of the early destashes. (Let’s face it: if a yarn really is too grim for the charity shop, it has no place in my stash!)

I have a couple of destash strategies in mind: one is the return of the Saturday Giveaway posts.  These were a lot of fun for me to do, but I ran out of organisational energy with them quite quickly.  Yarn and fabric will be easier to destash this way: no need to write a review, for one thing!

Also…  I’ve been playing with ways to host an online shop here on my website.  It occurs to me that a Destash Sale would be a perfect way to test out a kind of ‘beta’ online shop! So, just as soon as I get my bottom into gear and photograph some of my liberated belongings, we will have the Yarnscape Shop Beta, hosting Alison’s Destash Sale!




  • Good idea! And it reminds me that I was going to do something similar… Must go and look in cupboards now!

    5th August 2011
  • great Idea, the only problem for me will be not adding to my stash

    5th August 2011

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