Wearable, not finished

Just a quick post with proof that I finished the WHOLE DAMN OUTFIT.  And wore it.

Well, ‘finished’ is an odd word; the outfit is complete and wearable – not a safety pin in sight.  However, there are still lots of raw edges, bits that need trimming etc.  I suppose it has been completed, but the finishing needs some work.


Anyway, this is an interim photo.  It’s so interim that I almost didn’t post it, there is so much I would like to change.  But I thought I needed to post proof that my effort over the last week really did pay off.

I’ve now put the dress, sleeves and shirt in the ‘finished’ wardrobe, but have a list of things to clear up before I’m really done.


  • Wow! Finishing done or not, it is still impressive. Whoo hoo!!!

    30th June 2008
  • Yay for you!! I have to say, that beaded fabric on the sleeves is breathtaking.

    30th June 2008
  • It looks doubly fantastic from my point of view because all sewing, whether by hand or machine is alien to me. I love those sleeves as well, beautiful fabric.

    30th June 2008
  • Wow – that looks amazing Well done you!

    30th June 2008
  • The Dragon

    Well done you!! It looks smashing (and presumably will not need an awful lot of finishing?), time to start planning the next one?

    30th June 2008
  • Not a safety pin in sight! Well done. It looks wonderful.

    30th June 2008
  • You look fabulous!!! Absolutely gorgeous!
    Wonderful job… I can’t see a thing wrong from here. Love the touch of the black band on the hem.

    30th June 2008
  • Ruth

    Stunning! Now you need one of the pointy hats with a wispy bit of material out the end, and a turrety castle (and a prince to whisk you away!!) I will always wonder if my sewing skills will ever manage more than lost buttons and holes in small boys trousers….!

    30th June 2008
  • Good job! It looks great too.

    3rd July 2008
  • Well done!

    9th July 2008
  • oh wow….you could have come to my wedding in that outfit! It is gorgeous! Mind you, you might have upstaged me so best you didn’t!

    24th July 2008

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