Seriously, where did all the love go?

I’ve been looking through my old blog posts recently, trying to track down all my old projects and get them into Ravelry.  I’m yarninmypocket there, too, for anyone who doesn’t already know.  I’m a Ravelry late starter; I didn’t ‘get’ it at first.  But now I do.  It’s for when you’re bored at work.

But moving swiftly on…

Boy, was I productive in 2005!  According to my New Year’s roundup, I knit:

  • 1 Clapotis
  • Amber (tank top in summer tweed)
  • Waves (cardi for J in summer tweed)
  • Silk Corset (too small; completed, but frogged)
  • Noro York cardi (still one of my fave knits ever)
  • Elspeth (still too big; still scheduled for a re-knit)
  • Rebecca 27 cardi (another fave)
  • 3 pairs of socks (Dad’s Christmas pressie)
  • Noro McKee (Mum’s Christmas sweater)
  • Natalya gauntlets (to keep my wrists comfy; clearly stopping knitting wasn’t an option)
  • 7ft single-sided curly wurly scarf (crochet)
  • 5ft double-sided curly wurly scarf (crochet)

I also had on the needles:

  • Ice Maiden
  • Lacy thumbsocks
  • Triple triangle mohair shawl
  • Mask (originally for Stu’s Christmas, but postponed)

Considering that this is the year I *started* (or, rather, re-started) knitting, and that wasn’t till April, it’s a fairly impressive tally.  I’m certainly not on track to do anything like the same again this year.  So what happened?  A few things – this was all before I started spinning again, or took up weaving.  I also got ill in 2005, which gave me a fair bit of spare time during the year but which has also had a long-term adverse effect on my energy levels since.  I also had a few disappointing FOs in 2006.

But I think the ‘big one’ is that I became a slave to my knitting.  A slave to my stash, a slave to knitalongs, a slave to challenges.  I can so clearly remember the freshness, the excitement of each new project back then; everything was special, nothing was a chore or a drag.  I want that back.

I’m a very selfish knitter; I want to knit mostly for myself, for the joy of crafting everyday beauty for ME. I know a project is a good one when my heart skips the first time I see the pattern.  There will be gifts – of course there will – but I’m not now, and never have been, a charity knitter.  I love the process of knitting, but the excitement is that of the product.

So sod the challenges, screw the stash.  I’m not a joiner – or at least, I shouldn’t be – and I hereby resolve to quit it.  No more will I join mystery -alongs; if I can’t see the design in advance, I won’t feel that rush.  My work life is scheduled heavily enough without trying to fulfil a weekly sock knitting demand. No more will I start projects just because they’re not a bad match for that yarn I bought because it was a really good price even though I didn’t really like the colour.

I’ve cleared out my Ravelry queue; now it only has things in it that I am excited to knit RIGHT NOW.  I will be destashing, hopefully a lot.

I want to rediscover my knitterly spontaneity, and follow my inspiraton.

I must be one of the few people in the world who want to plan ahead LESS.


  • Good for you, figuring out what motivates you and what holds you back!
    Knitting is fun… it *should* be fun. Make it fun again for you!
    If that’s more spontaneity and less planning.. go for it!!! Yay!!!

    23rd July 2008
  • I bought 2 sweaters-worth of yarn yesterday. And I have a knitting deadline in October (something I haven’t even started), I have plans plans plans, and I have a bucket of UFOs. Okay, not as many as some people, but it’s oppressive, yet here I go, getting into more! Good luck on sorting your knitting/time/stash etc!

    23rd July 2008
  • Ha! I am the exact opposite! I’m a sucker for yarn, patterns, challenges, knitalongs. My ravelry queue is excessive, though mostly sock patterns for sos08. I love my lists of knitting deadlines (though I hardly ever manage to reach them) and my spreadsheets. One thing I’d like to do is declutter a bit though!

    24th July 2008
  • Attagirl! I don’t beleive in long queues of projects or mystery patterns either, but I am rather wedded to my stash.

    24th July 2008
  • The Dragon

    Go you! This is why I want to get back to being a monogamous stitcher and stitching things for ME! No more joining SALs and Round Robins I am determined to be selfish!
    In fact so selfish that next year I am not even joining a birthday group and I am seriously thinking about dropping all my stitching groups!

    24th July 2008

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