Damning indictment


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

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  • you are obviously far too young to be a 30’s wife! So am I but I was brought up with those values lol!

    24th July 2008
  • Yippee, I’m not alone (I scored -10).

    24th July 2008
  • I scored -9 and I think it could have been lower!

    25th July 2008
  • I think the implication is that a good score on this test is supposed to be a bad thing, right? But I got 62, goodness knows how…I am a lousy housekeeper and don’t maintain a dainty, feminine appearance or whatever, but I must have gotten high marks for being sympathetic to children and the unfortunate, and for letting my husband sleep late.

    29th July 2008
  • Ruth

    Now why should wearing PJs instead of a ‘nightdress’ be a bad thing??? Oh and gosh – the seams on my stockings are ALWAYS crooked!! Bad mummy that I am (never worn stockings in my like, and not about to start hee hee!)(I got 43).

    29th August 2008

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