Day of Rest

….aaand I’m back from Norwich again.  And I needn’t have worried – of course!

Of course, I had prepared plenty.  The talk went well, and I think everyone had a great time on the workshop.  One lady has a passion for linen, and luckily I’d taken a dressed flax distaff with me.  We were able to get her spinning flax from the distaff, on her spindle.  It made my day – my entire week!

It was an exhausting weekend, though; I didn’t get back to my B&B (which was truly awesome – highly recommended!) until gone 10 on Friday night – at which point, I ate dinner.  Of course, I was way too hopped up on adrenaline to go to sleep for over an hour, so I was very late to bed (by my usual standards) – I’m no night owl.  And that was day one!

Oh – you remember how I blithely said, “…I know that J and the houndies will be just fine at home without me: I’m only away overnight, for heaven’s sake!”  Yeah.  talk about tempting fate.  Someone managed to slip over and fracture their elbow whilst I was away.  Which is a bit spooky, because the thing I learned this weekend was that an ell is the distance from a man’s shoulder to his wrist – so called because ell is the Old English word for arm – and the elbow is called the elbow because it is where the ell bows, or bends.  Weird, huh?

Anyway, today has been quiet beyond belief.  Both of us slept in, then had a very late fry-up breakfast at around half 10.  Lunch, at around two, consisted of the lazyman’s choice – leftover Chinese takeaway (you didn’t think either of us was up to cooking after yesterday, did you?!) – and then we retired for a nap which took most of the rest of the afternoon.

I have managed to fit in a bit more knitting, though: the mystery project (Working title:Magrat) is about one hour’s worth of knitting, and a good blocking, away from completion.  I’m looking forwards to blocking this so much – but I have to say I love the look of the fabric unblocked, too, both the right side:

And the wrong side:

Sorry about the weird yellow tint: The day of rest includes not messing around with lights or Lightroom.  It also includes an early night – so see you on the other side!

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  • A broken elbow sounds awful!
    Really looking forward to seeing Magrat…

    20th June 2011

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