Finding my feet

The astute (or terminally bored) may have noticed that there haven’t been many updates around here recently – about as many in the last month as I usually manage in a week or so.  This has to change.

I’m having a blast.  An absolute whale of a time, let me tell you!  But it turns out that sitting at a desk for eight or so hours a day automatically provides time for blog posts to be written in, even if that’s not your primary paid work.  Dyeing wool doesn’t.  So I need to make time to write the posts in, and be clear that writing a post is what I’m supposed to be doing in that time – it’s not goofing off, it’s Very Important.  (But then, so is everything else)

I’m not going to set a schedule – at least, not publically.  Experience has taught me that that is a good way to fail.  And I intentionally posted about spinning yesterday because I didn’t want to come back yet again with another “sorry I haven’t been around” post – I have written my share of those already.

So, with any luck, you can expect to see updates here in the near future about knitting (there has been some!), spinning (will I ever stop?!), weaving (the scarf is off the loom!), gardening (strawberries are ripe!!) and dogs.

Oh, how could we forget the dogs.

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