3) Lizard Ridge progress

This is my second lizard ridge square:


Made from an all-blues ball of Kureyon, I had to break a colour off one of the ends of the ball, because otherwise there would have been next to no contrast between the first two bands.

I realised when I was most of the way through this square that I'd made the first one 'wrongly'.  You're supposed to use four pattern repeats (a total of 8 bands of colour) for each square; I've only done three on the first square.

Rather than go back and splice in more yarn and extend my first square, I've just decided that this is the way my squares are going to be.  Apart from anything else, this way they take *just* less than half a ball of Kureyon, so I can get two squares from each ball.  Bonus!  Though this one might not get the opportunity; it's very, very blue and might end up being a bit of an 'odd square out' in the final scheme of things.


Here's my next Lizard Ridge ball.  Yum!  I cast on today and have done one repeat (two 'bands') already – mostly in my lunch hour.  Surprisingly, the first few colours out of the ball have been a mauve-y colour, the pale blue you can see in the centre of the ball and a soft magenta-y pink.  For such a jewel-toned ball of yarn, the colours so far are surprisingly 'My Little Pony'.  Surprises at every turn!


  • Stunning colours in the blue square Ota – but I really want to see the “My Little Pony” ones!
    I’m glad you have found a quick and not too fussy lunchtime project. Now I need to remember how to cast on, how to cast off and learn how to make socks! (ah and getting some wool and mini needles would be good as well *snigger*)

    10th January 2009
  • Ruth

    What will the LIzard Ridge be at the end please (for a non-knitter)?

    10th January 2009

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