4) The state of the stash (installment 1)

Yes, it's that time of the year again.  How much yarn do I really have, and where is it? 

Two years ago I found out that I had over 92 kilometers of knitting yarn, or 43.7 kilogrammes of the stuff.  Thanks to a reasonably well-maintained spreadsheet, today it was only the work of an hour or so to find out that I now only have 64 km of yarn, or 28.5 kg.  Progress!  Or so it seems…

That's the *knitting* yarn.  I now have weaving yarn, dyeing yarn and machine knitting yarn.  That, my friends, is as yet uncatalogued.

There's also the spinning fibre (which can turn into knitting yarn or dyeing yarn or… yeah).  That is catalogued, although I don't think I've found it all as yet.  I have 2.4kg of spinnables.  Plus the rest of Rod, Jane and Freddy's fleece, which I am not yet ready to face.  This year, I really want to keep track of what gets used and when.  I'll try and check in with this, monthly.


  • Wow! Where did all that yarn go last year? 15 kg of yarn knitted up?

    11th January 2009
  • You did so well last year – but those machine knitting yarn stash and weaving stash will up the yardage! I pulled out 12 or so skeins of sock yarn yesterday, wound it up and intend joining the dark side and crocheting a blanket from the sock stash, in an effort to reduce the stash!

    12th January 2009
  • well i hate to weigh mine, but by know now i could be killed by it if it fell on me in one go. But hey, i would die happy! 😉 And you know i could always help you out with unloading some of that stash should you want to.

    12th January 2009
  • Oooh well done on getting the knitting stash down – and hopefully you will be able to keep on track of the other stuff!

    14th January 2009

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