I’ve been in a quiet mood the last few days – and who couldn’t be, with the news that has been flooding in from across the globe?

Everything I have wanted to write has seemed hollow.  There are no words – none at all – to describe the loss of thousands of people, the loss of home and habitat and livelihood.

I’ve been awaiting news that two dear friends have managed to travel safely home, both passing through Japan on their respective journeys; I know at least one has arrived, and the other is most likely just frustrated and delayed, since I know she had managed to re-arrange her flights to avoid the worst affected areas.

How can I talk about the plans for my tiny wee business at a time like this? (I have some.)  How can I wax lyrical about shop updates?  (There has been one).

Instead, I have given, and I sit, and I spin.  And I think, wish and hope.

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