More thoughts on Shipwreck

In my earlier post, I was grumbling that the Corriedale roving was too bouncy and springy to spin into a laceweight yarn – and yes, it’s definitely not ‘right’ for the yarn I had in mind.

But now… I’m thinking that the yarn I had in mind isn’t necessarily ‘right’ for Shipwreck.  Shipwreck calls for a fingering weight yarn, and lots of it; it’s a big, snuggly shawl.  I’m thinking I can spin a snuggly fingering-weight.

In fact, I did.  This is spun from the end of the roving, so semi-worsted, in about the thickness that the fibre seems to ‘want’.  I washed it fairly roughly to get it to bloom, and I love the end result (though this is one colour only, not the marl I had planned):

Only trouble is, at 30m/10g, I’d have about half the required yardage for the shawl.  (Well, not the only trouble, as a matter of fact.  The other trouble is that Woody wanted some attention too; he seems to have hurt his back or hip on yesterday’s walk, and he’s a bit sorry for himself, and extra-snuggly.  So his nose was in All The Shots this morning, poor boy).  Anyway, I might not manage to make a Shipwreck with this fibre, but I have an idea for an alternative design, drawing on some of the elements from Shipwreck, that I could use instead.

Whilst waiting for the mini-skein to dry, I started playing with some of the Shetland humbug, spinning long-draw from the fold.  Whooooo!  I’ve not done this before, at least on a wheel.   It’s a bit like spinning from rolags, except with less carding.  It’s producing light, lofty woollen singles, , and I think it might work awesomely well for the Corriedale, too.  So I’m going to do another Corriedale sample, and see what weight it comes out at and if I like the fabric.  I’ll probably even swatch.

But only once the Shetland is done.  I only have so many bobbins, after all.


  • I keep a limit on how many bobbins I own, just so I actually *finish* spinning projects.
    I haven’t tried spinning from the fold yet. Or long draw either, for that matter. I need to expand my horizons…
    I love seeing and hearing about your spinning adventures!

    7th March 2011
  • Geodyne

    You make me think I really ought to think harder about my spinning, aside from my standard “take fibre, spin worsted fine, ply”. Right now of course, I’d settle for the time to think anything through.

    Poor love-starved nose.

    8th March 2011
  • Poor Woody, I hope he is feeling better! and I love that slate grey colour 🙂

    9th March 2011

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