How not to photograph your yarns

OK, it’s Friday, it’s Yarnscape Day – the first one after Textiles in Focus.  Time to do a bit of stock-taking, get everything photographed, and the shop re-opened, yes?  Yes!

Or not so much.  My photography skills have never been what you could call honed, but I’m starting to think there’s a curse going on here.

My camera battery is flat.  OK – charge it.  Start stocktaking.

rose garden: Wensleydale and Princess

Find out battery charger is not plugged in.  Swear.  Waste time on Ravelry, cos there’s no point getting *too* far ahead with the stocktake; I’ll only get confused.

meet the blues

Get going with the photographs.  Fill card.  Fail to find card reader; text other half (can’t ring; he’s at worky-work).

shetland and jacob ‘humbug’ rovings

Make cheesecake whilst waiting for reply.

not today’s actual cheesecake

Reply states that card rearder is where you thought it should be (it isn’t).  Eventual actual conversation locates card reader.

bunnylace in ‘harebell’

Empty card reader; process first batch of photos.

lissom in ‘moss’

Find you’ve left the camera on, so the battery is flat again.  Swear.  Charge battery.

princess in ‘dusk’

Start taking photos again.  After half an hour, find the CF card is still next to the laptop, so all those photos have been going *nowhere*.  Swear.

finissima in ‘midnight’

Re-take photos.  Recharge battery, which is flat again.  Accidentally delete a bunch of photos whilst ‘transferring’ them to the laptop.

smitten in ‘lilac tree’

Retake most of the photos before the battery dies again.  Decide the light has gone for the day, and about a third of the photographs have been taken.

Time for a beer.  The shop update will follow later.


  • Ruth Temple

    Bheer, the food of the gods, all artists’ comfort, and the typo that would not die: an excellent finish! There will be more photo-ops tomorrow.

    4th March 2011
  • Oh, I feel for you – I’ve had days like that…
    Still, it beats back in olden times when we had to send the film out to be developed, and THEN found out the camera had a problem.

    5th March 2011
  • Ouch!! Sounds like some of my weeks with cameras and computers, I hope things improved for you!

    6th March 2011
  • At least you have a cheesecake to show for it… I can tell you that the technique you describe is also rubbish for photographing scarves – I’ve tried it, but without the cheesecake. I’ll include that step next time.

    7th March 2011
  • Mum4d

    hope your next efforts are more successful! Love the dog nose pic!

    7th March 2011

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