What dining table?

…it’s a rewinding station!

It’s also kinda out of focus, and has that nasty yellow cast that seems to plague my iPhone camera under artificial light.  The neatly wound skeins are a new yarn for this year; ‘Lissom’, a merino-tencel laceweight that has a beautiful lustre, and takes colour in a most magical way:

Bottom left, you can see some skeins of ‘Dance’ waiting to be rewound and made pretty.  Dance is another new yarn; a BFL/silk sock-weight yarn.  Apparently, I’m all about the shiny right now:

Since the new year, I’ve also been experimenting a lot with more saturated colours.  This is not to say that I’m abandoning my subtle tones, but it’s fun to change things up a bit, too!  I’ve also been playing in the red end of the spectrum a lot, which has been fun because my dye set doesn’t include anything I consider a ‘true red’.  Nothing’s quite so fluorescent as the iPhone flash makes this appear though (and it’s even more yellow!  How come?!):

There’s been some fibre-dyeing, too, but that photo came out so yellow it’s pretty pointless showing you.

Oh!  And I’ve been making toy wheel spindles for my spindling class, too.  As well as the regular size ones, I’ve made some super-lights (not for class).  These little babies weight about 10g.  For an idea of scale, the yarn this one is snuggling into is Dance (again).  That’s sock weight (aka ‘skinny’):

Cute, huh?

My Etsy shop is now ‘on vacation’, and will be so for at least a week.  Hopefully, I’ll get photographing the new stuff *properly* as soon as the show is over, so I can share it with you guys who can’t make it to Cottenham this weekend.  😉

One last thing (I think): J says I should ‘live tweet’ the show.  I might.  If I do, you can follow along by following @yarnscape on Twitter.


  • This all looks stunning, hopefully all the people at the show will think so too *grin*

    21st February 2011
  • Geodyne

    Red! I’m just going to sink into those. These do look amazing.

    Best of luck with this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing how you go.

    21st February 2011
  • Oooh, shiny yarn! Hope all goes well at Cottenham. I won’t be there this year, but look forward to hearing all about it.

    21st February 2011
  • Duh….If one of your friends doesn’t seem to be updating her blog, it MIGHT be time to make sure you have the right feed in your reader.

    Anyway, It all looks FABULOUS!!!!

    22nd February 2011

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