It’s that time again.  If you have been planning to buy anything from my Etsy shop, you may want to do it soon, as I will be closing it for a week or two, starting Sunday night.  (After which, it will be back, bigger and better than ever before, assuming I can get some photographs taken.)

Next Friday, Textiles In Focus kicks off for three days of woolly fun and fibre-based mayhem.  Just like last year, I’m selling my own hand-dyed yarns and fibres – and I’m also teaching for the first time.

As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a spin-and-knit-in area next to my stall, in a space that was desolate and unused last year; I’m sort of ‘curating’ it.

Of course, nothing is really ready; I have a whole bunch of new yarns for this year, and I haven’t done the label design yet.  The pile of yarns waiting to be rewound, post-dyeing,  is bigger than my dog.  The course is ready to be taught, except for the fact that I haven’t finished the handout, and I need to assemble the student materials packs.  And a few more sample pieces would not go amiss, bien sur.  Batts!!  I really, really need to card batts.

Printing.  There is so much printing to be done.  (Note to self: don’t leave it till the last minute.  Your printer will break down, or run out of ink, and it will be very stressful.)

This afternoon, I had a mini-breakdown, thinking there was no way that I could get it all done in time.  After a couple of hours of wandering around feeling morose and angst-ridden, I realised something pretty awesome: I have taken on quite a few insanely large projects in my time, from 18th century dresses onwards.  And though most of those have not ended up perfect, and although the occasional all-nighter may have occurred on the way, each and every one of those has ended up working out ok.

So I’m drinking a beer and writing a blog post.  But no photographs: they take too long.  Later, patient readers!  Now, I should go design labels…

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  • I have complete faith that you’ll get it all done in a most efficient way. I’ve watched you do the impossible before!
    I’d offer to help, but I’m on the wrong continent…

    20th February 2011

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