Or a little sooner…

I estimated ‘end of February’ for my 2 ply alpaca/BFL.  Turns out that ‘mid February’ would have been more accurate:

~250 m 2-ply yarn

And in fact, it’s only taken me this long because it’s been sitting around waiting for wet finishing for at least ten days.

I finished half the singles on February first; the other half February 2nd.  I plied on the third, and skeined it off.  Then I got lazy. (Clearly I was more in need of comfort spinning than I thought, being off work sick.)

So many of you responded to the idea of comfort spinning!  I love to spin for 15 minutes in the morning, before my day gets started.  I use it as a kind of meditation, allowing my thoughts to bubble and organise themselves whilst my body is still waking up.  What is it, I wonder, that makes spinning so perfectly suited to this?

4 thoughts on “Or a little sooner…”

  1. My brain is way too slow to fire up in the morning to handle spinning. I tend to spin at night, using the comfort of it to wind down from the day.
    Your yarn looks cheek-nuzzling soft…

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