Things I might have too much of

I spent an hour or so tidying/organising the shed today.  In the process, I discovered a possible overabundance of:

  • raw sheep’s fleece;
  • raw alpaca fibre;
  • empty beer bottles;
  • seeds.

All the above usually fit into the general category of, “Can one ever really have too much?”, but I’m starting to think that the answer can legitimately be, “Yes, for a given amount of storage space.”

There is, of course, a simple answer for the beer bottles: Brew More Beer.  And there’s also a good reason for the seeds.  When Geodyne returned to the antipodes, she left me a huge selection of seeds to add to my own.  I think I now have more than 15 varieties of tomato seed to hand, at least 20 varieties of sweet and/or hot peppers, 5 or more varieties of spinach, and I didn’t even count the number of turnips, radishes, oriental greens or squashes.  And at least seeds don’t take up much storage space.

The fibre, though, may be starting to become a problem.  I bought about 13 alpaca blankets last year.  Yes, really.  Though I’m hoping that some of that fibre will be processed and available for sale later this year.

As for the sheep’s fleece, that’s all supposed to be for me.  I’ve taken to naming the fleeces, for ease of reference, and so far I have:

Eight – possibly nine – of them, plus a few bits and that are elsewhere in the house.  Given that I’ve not yet managed to process a whole fleece myself, there may be a lack-of-reality issue around here somewhere.

(Though I did chuck a bag labelled, “Burwash, legs, felted” onto the compost heap today.  Really.  Why was I keeping that?)


  • I get a little *concerned* when I think about how many fleeces are waiting in my sewing room. (At least 2.5 alpaca, one Rambouillet, half a Cotswold, at least 3.5 Shetland, and several partial fleeces that just seem to have magically appeared.)
    And I’ve got 3 sheep standing out in the snow at this moment, growing fleeces just as hard as they possibly can.
    I may be in trouble…

    13th February 2011
  • Geodyne

    Hmm….a strange, vaguely guilty feeling just washed over me and I’m not quite sure why! It was appeased by cracking up over the name of some of the fleeces, anyway.

    It’s a good time to be sowing those tomato and chilli seeds, by the way.

    13th February 2011
  • Did you know Zeilinger’s is having a 24% off sale right now? I know shipping fleeces off to be cleaned isn’t as fun as doing it yourself. But still, 24% off through the month of February.

    I just sent 2 fleeces to them myself…

    14th February 2011

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